Why do people prefer organic CBD oil for cats?

When you’re shopping for supplements to help your cat, you have a lot of options. A lot of people swear by organic cbd oil for cats. But what is it? Is it something that you should buy? We’ll explore the ins and outs of this supplement below to help with your decision.


Organic CBD oil is derived from agricultural hemp and contains deficient levels of THC (1-2%), which means there’s no way it will make your cat high or have any psychoactive effects.


CBD oil for cats treats various conditions, from pain to anxiety to even getting rid of worms. It’s been used as a treatment option for many animal health issues, including hairball issues in dogs and skin conditions in cats. This is because CBD oil contains the same types of cannabinoids that help heal the body on a human level, namely CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).


There is something called industrial hemp, which is not the same as cannabis Sativa. It has little to no THC. And it’s grown chiefly for its fibers. That’s how they get “hemp” fibers into everything – your clothes are probably made with hemp or cotton. But since it’s a different plant, there’s no way you can take hemp oil if you’re worried about getting high or having any psychoactive effects.


There is another form of Cannabis Sativa – and this one is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – that has been used to treat seizure disorders in dogs. But it hasn’t been studied as heavily for cats yet.


However, studies have shown that CBD oil helps with pain management in all animals, and we’ve also seen many anecdotal reports from people who use it for their pets. It may help with inflammation in cats, and it also seems to help with epileptic seizures in dogs.


When you read the testimonials on the web, you may be surprised by the unique ways that people are using this oil to help their cats. For example, one person writes about using CBD oil when she visits the vet. She writes that she knows it affects stress because her cats will be calm in the exam room from a dose of her oil drops.


Others report that their cat will have a seizure if they don’t have CBD oil on hand or use it to give them appetite when they’re sick or have pain.