What You Need To Know About Apex Legends As A First Time Player

What You Need To Know About Apex Legends As A First Time Player

Apex Legends is another free to play battle royale game that is available in multiple platforms which include the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One. The game starts with 60 people playing in teams of three. The objective of the game is to survive until your team is the only one standing. The similarities to its competitor can be numerous, but Apex legends can handle its own. For instance, Apex legends is a team free for all and that has its own appeal to gamers. You start in a dropship over the assigned map, and once you drop to your chosen designation, start looking for weapons and equipment. The game avoids teams from dragging out the game by making the playable area smaller as the game progresses, forcing the players to confront each other. If you or your team is caught outside the circle, you take damage until you run to the inside of the circle. This forces the players to converge into an ever increasingly smaller center where the killing can begin. Because of its popularity despite being new, and having broken previous records set by one of its major competitors, apex legends hack already abound. Some include apex legends aimbot and apex legends free coins among others. You will find a comprehensive guide below on how to, at the very least, survive the first salvo in apex legends.

The Map

The apex legends map is relatively small when compared to other battle royale maps of similar games. Certain areas of interest are named on the map as well as markers for supply drops, respawn beacons and an icon for the supply ship that contains higher end loots. Watch out in particular for the supply ship and the corresponding markers for supply drop and be sure to be ready for a fight when you get there. On your first games, familiarize yourself and visit these areas of interest within the map and take the details to heart as this will be critical if you want to be crowned champion.

Choosing Your Legend

There are eight legends or classes from which you can choose from in apex legends and these are the Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic, and Mirage. Each of these classes has three unique abilities. One is a passive ability, a tactical ability, and an Ultimate. It is of the utmost importance to learn all of these abilities and what they each offer to the team. The best way to learn this, of course, is to play each and every single one of them until you have chosen the one that best suit your play style. Because it will take time, it is often suggested that you learn to master at the very least three of the legends to offer you some sort of flexibility when in a team.

submachine guns

Weapons And Gear

At launch, there are some 19 available weapons for players to loot, there are three submachine guns, three assault rifles, four long range rifles for snipers, four shotguns, three pistols, and two light machine guns. Ammo for these guns are also varied and some guns will not work when you do not have the correct ammo for it. Ammo can be light rounds, energy ammo, shotgun shells and heavy rounds. All of the guns have their own merit, so do not just look at statistics to compare. The only way really would be to use all of them and see what works best for you. It is a good thing that these weapons are not affected by any apex legends hack tool as it would result in a ban. COsmetics are also an important part of any battle royale gameplay and apex legends is no stranger to it, sometimes apex legends free coins are given to be able to purchase them in game.

Team Gameplay All The Way

Unlike other battle royale games, this one is the last TEAM standing. Make sure that you play as a team and not just a free for all mode. Stick with your teammates and play together as one whenever possible. This is why Apex legends are best played with people that you know so that you can somehow predict and know how they would each react in their situations in-game. This is one of the problems that the players did not immediately get, playing lone wolf simply will not cut it. They are probably used to other battle royale games before apex legends.

Advancing To Other Platforms

Apex legends is at that peak of popularity that it was announced that it would be coming to mobile, further expanding its more than 25 million players worldwide. Advancing to mobile will definitely make the hackers busy with apex legends hack apk, and apex legends coins hack will be rampant in these platforms.