What Does Alarm Monitoring Mean and How Does It Work?

What Does Alarm Monitoring Mean and How Does It Work?

Around the clock alarm monitoring system is a very important feature offered by most of the home security providers. Before you invest in a home alarm monitoring system, you should understand its operation and usage.

What is an alarm monitoring system?

There are several reputed and established security firms in Toronto. Alarm monitoring system at Toronto security companies provides a detailed and quick communication between the security system of your house and the central monitoring station of the security provider. On receiving an alarm siren alert, the control panel registers a critical event and passes a signal to the central monitoring station. From there appropriate authorities get notified and security agents are dispatched to your home.

Workings of an alarm monitoring system

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The control panel of your home is the hub of a network of sensors. It may include window sensors, motion detectors, tamper sensors, door sensors, or specialized temperature, smoke and flood detectors.

When your system gets armed and any of the above-mentioned sensors get triggered, then an emergency signal is sent wirelessly to the monitoring station through your control panel. There are some alarm monitoring systems that also provide backup or alternate transmission options.

What type of information is sent by this system?

Emergency information that is sent by the home security system to an alarm monitoring center includes the type of sensors triggered and account identification of the user.


Cases related to theft, burglary etc. are increasing day by day. In order to better safeguard your family members and valuables in your house, you may want to consider installing an alarm monitoring system in your house.