Top technology app for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs says that they can’t live without these technologies to run their business successfully and they willing to use these apps in their day to day life which is more efficient for communication in their organization rather than the email and the technology apps are,

  • G suite
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Toggle
  • Boomerang
  • Grasshopper
  • Quick books
  • Expensify

Slack – Slack is used in more efficient way to communicate with the organisation other than the email, so that they will not face any complicated threads and it makes quick and easy like personal communication. 

G suite – G suite helps to share documents easily with one another and they can work on projects from anywhere even halfway across the world. Where google hangout allows to manage face to face communication to one another just like that they are sitting in the office together and working. Even in this you can put presentations together and screen share it during the conference call with the clients.

Trello– If you are a freelancer there is a bunch of moving parts to use your favourite app to keep tracking on to dos and client works in trello. It can recognise things easily and can easily view the calendar of your due dates in it and if you want to know more about the product then you can find out here now.

Toggle- If you are consulting number of clients, then it is very important to track everyone accurately bill of the clients appropriately. To make it easy toggle will helps in document work and assign the time and schedule for each project and client.

Boomerang – It is a plugin for Gmail which is used for the incredible productivity of the work. It allows you to set a reminder of all outgoing and incoming emails and messages to make sure that you are notified everything and if you dint respond for a day also it will be enable the other features to help and ensures the important notification to you.

Expensify – This app will help you to handle the business expenses on day to day factor, where it can be installed in the mobile phone you are carrying and can update it regularly. As a business man you will be roaming out for lunch, meetings and other activities so this is important to manage the expenses and financial status of the company.

Like this app there many things which will supports you to be professional in the business where you have the feature of text voice mails, emails and can make call to your respective clients by using apps. Also there is a call forwarding feature in those apps. For business transactions there is an app called quick book where you can link your card details, so it will automatically categorize and print monthly profit or loss of summary for tax quickly. To know more about the entrepreneur’s technology and you can easily find out here now in this website for more details.