Tips to choose a good personal trainer

Tips to choose a good personal trainer

If it is the first time that we are going to seek the advice of a personal trainer it is important to establish a series of questions that we will have to consult to know if the choice we make of the correct specialist.

Sebastien Borreani, Co-founder and Product Manager of Train me, a platform of personal trainers, list the main factors that we must take into account:

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  • The experience. We must check what experience the personal trainer offers and check if he has worked previously, for example, with people who have the same objective. This aspect will reinforce the guarantee of having a specific experience that interests us.
  • The formation. To avoid professional intrusion, it is best to check that you have all the necessary training that personal training requires. Also, make sure if you have the training related to the objective set by the client.
  • The professionalism of little use the above factors if the personal trainer is not a good professional. It establishes several criteria that measure it: respect towards the client, punctuality at the beginning and end of the sessions, good treatment during the class and correct planning of the training.
  • The individualization Each person is different, both in age and physical condition or in sporting and training objectives. It is advisable that the professional knows how to adapt each training to each individual client.
  • Motivation. A percentage of people who choose the services of a personal trainer do so because they are not very consistent at the time of training and it is difficult for them to follow a schedule and a few days as a guideline. For this reason, the chosen coach must be a good motivator both to retain the client and to adhere to the training and exercise.
  • Holistic A personal trainer should not only perform a physical exercise schedule. It is recommended that you also educate in daily living habits and provide advice on healthy routines.
  • The ubication. Not only you can make outdoor workouts, whether discipline whatsoever. A coach who has the ability to perform training in a sports center or club, or in a home, provides very positive plus bad weather.

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