The Size And Shape Of Free Bitcoin-The Biggest Curiosity

The Size And Shape Of Free Bitcoin-The Biggest Curiosity

So how do they look like? From the person who is reading this, the person who wanted to see this “Bitcoin” for a long time, probably expecting the shape to be a disc, the person who doesn’t even know a bit about a ‘Bit’, to the person who is a computer expert, having a huge profit from Bitcoin mining, even the person who invented this coin that doesn’t exist, but exist (Bitcoin) and its networking, Satoshi Nakamoto – don’t know what this Bitcoin looks like. Because, free bitcoin doesn’t have any physical shape, not even any kind of appearance like a huge number of lines of codes. Don’t be disappointed.

The Bitcoins exist only in simple transaction data. It is like me saying, “I wish to give you 5 Bitcoins!” and you are saying “Yeah I wish to receive 5 Bitcoins from you too!” – Transaction Complete! That’s it! But, this happens at a digital level. That’s how a Bitcoin looks like. Bitcoins are a huge number of lines of computer codes – a myth!


It was developed to be a decentralized currency system, since the conventional is centralized, and the whole power goes to the bank and the one who controls this bank. This decentralized currency means everyone can be at the same level. Bitcoin transactions happen in a special network called the Bitcoin network. This free bitcoin network is in a P2P model (Peer-to-Peer), where everyone in this network, known as a peer, has access to every transaction detail. Not the details of the sender and receiver, but how many is transacted.

These details are updated on the internet, and so each coin that doesn’t exist, but exists can be watched by every Bitcoin user, making the bitcoin corruption less forever. Also, this system of the network can’t be hacked, unless the hacker has control over every single piece of computers which have these transaction details. It’s not going to happen forever.