The Truth About Piles That Everyone Should Know

Piles is a result from mostly constipation and over exertion of the sphincter muscle that forces a hard stool down along the rectal wall to the sphincter muscle and out. This causes a protrusion of blood vessels and tissues that cause the most embarrassing thing in the world called piles.

prevent piles

Believe it or not, piles are actually a very common thing because of the reason that many people are getting constipated from time to time and if you got constipated more often, chances are you got piles that you never knew. And who would right? It’s all the way down there, in the place where your line of sight will not be able to see.

The causes of Piles: The common one that causes piles is constipation, but there is more to it than just constipation. It also tells about many things from people, like bad practices that most people are very guilty about. these are the things that cause piles or can lead to piles:

  • No proper hydration
  • To much-pushing action in getting the waste out
  • Not eating high fiber diet
  • Spending too much time sitting on a toilet bowl doing god knows what
  • Eating spicy foods too often

How do you prevent piles: Preventing piles is very simple, don’t do what has been stated above. Basically you drink a lot of water, you eat high fiber diet like pineapple, so that your stool will be softer and you don’t over exert force, stop eating too much spicy foods and more importantly, stop spending too much time sitting in the toilet seat browsing your social media and playing games. Do that and you’re piles free.

How do you treat piles: Aside from proper diet and drinking a ton of water every single day, one of the popular ones that people are using for maintenance (when it shouldn’t be) are laxatives. These things can cause a loose bowel movement that will help with an easy passing of the stool. But if you have piles and it’s already very severe, a surgical procedure (herniorrhaphy) is the best solution.

Why you should try the all natural treatment: An all natural treatment is this refreshing option that people look for but doesn’t know where. These all natural treatments are mostly medicine based and are way cheaper and doesn’t have any known harmful side effects in the body. For piles, there is a medicine called Pfree, it’s an Indian based medicine that has been known to effectively cure piles. How is it? It’s 100% effective!

Piles is a very unpleasant thing to have, but often the hardest to detect. Some people only knew they got piles is when there’s already blood in their stools. Piles should not be treated lightly because it can affect your bowel function and that is very serious. The most common thing that people do to treat it is thru surgery. For people that wants to be relieved from piles, they use laxatives. What most people don’t know is that there are certain all natural treatments that can relieve piles and it’s in a form of ayurvedic medicine. If you want to find out if the claim of this Pfree medicine is actually true, why don’t you find it out for yourself? Visit the website now.