Things To Watch Out Before Buying A Gaming Laptop Under 400 Dollars!

A budget of 400 dollars is perfect for buying a good-quality gaming laptop. But before you can shortlist a gaming laptop to buy, you have to go through the specifications of the gaming laptops available under $400 so that you can choose the best one from the list and come out as a smart buyer. Some of the important specifications are processors, RAM, graphics card, screen, audio, and battery. You have to know the exact specifications you should get when you spend 400 dollars. The following is a complete guide on buying gaming laptops under 400 dollars like a pro.

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Factors To Check Before Buying:

Screen Size – When you are having a budget of 400 dollars, you should never settle for a gaming laptop that does not have 15.6-inch of display. Furthermore, instead of HD resolution, it is always preferred to buy a gaming laptop which has Full HD resolution because the sharpness of the graphics will take your gaming experience to the next level. You can go ahead with HD screen only when the other parameters are very strong.

Processor– If you are buying a gaming laptop that has Intel processor, the by paying 400 dollars, you can easily get Intel Core i3 7th generation. You can even get Intel Core i5 6th generation. But if the gaming laptop you are shortlisting has any other processor brand like AMD, make sure that it is a quad-core processor with speed of 2GHz or above. You should also remember that the great the cache capacity, the better it is for running games smoothly.

RAM – When it comes to RAM, the gaming laptops under 400 dollars always come with at least 4GB. But some of them sports 6GB and even 8GB. Even if the laptops you have shortlisted have 4G of RAM, make sure there is space for upgrading it later.

Graphics Card – Graphics card is most probably the one that makes the difference among different gaming laptops. The laptop you are choosing to buy must have a dedicated graphics card that is designed to provide ultimate gaming experience. Furthermore, the option for shared memory has to be there for heavy games to run smoothly. Some of the laptops also provide an option to upgrade the video card with compatible ones.

Audio and Battery – You cannot have a good gaming experience without high-quality sound. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the audio quality of the laptops you are shortlisted to buy. You have to check the reviews left by genuine users to get an idea about the audio output. The laptop must also have a good battery backup time between 6 to 8 hours for uninterrupted gaming.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind while buying a gaming laptop with the budget of 400 dollars to get the best one.