How to Register A GmbH Company in Germany

Germany is known as one of the most active countries in the trading industry worldwide. Forming a company in this country is simple as long as all the requirements are complied. Multinational investors find the free market attractive as there are no restrictions on businesses. However, registration of business entities is a must before they can start operating in the country. The most common type of company in Germany is the GmbH or the limited liability company. Here are the steps for gmbh registration germany.

Multinational investors

  1. Articles of Incorporation

The articles of incorporation are a document that contains important information that gives the company its identity. The content must include the name of the company, objective, street address, registered office, the shareholders, and the shares that each holds. The papers must be electronically submitted to the office in charge of company registration in Germany.

  1. Articles of Association

The articles of association are an important requirement for the registration of a GmbH company. The articles state the purpose of the company and the duties and responsibilities of the members. It names the managing directors and the founding shareholders. The paper is signed by the members and notarized by a German notary.

  1. Share capital payment

After the signing of the articles of association, the shareholders must pay their capital share. The total amount will be deposited in the account opened by the company. The GmbH registration requirement is €25,000.

  1. Commercial Registration

The company must be registered at the “Handelsregister” or the public commercial register as well as with the office of the local trade. The managing directors must personally submit the application after the verification of the share capital contribution to the GmbH. A power of attorney will not be honored. The compliance of the documentary proof of the existence of a mother company and the authority of the representatives that are acting on its behalf is important.  Once the managing directors have submitted the other entire requirement, the GmbH will be registered as a separate entity.

  1. Trade Office Registration

Before starting operations, the new company must inform the trade office about the plan. The trade office asks for proof of a commercial registration abroad. The document must be translated to German. The trade office will then send a copy of the registration to the tax office, professional trading associations, and to the chamber of industry and commerce. The company automatically becomes a chamber member.

After completing the process of gmbh registration germany, the company can now start to operate