Simple Ways of Buying & Investing in Bitcoin

Simple Ways of Buying & Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the decentralized, digital and peer to peer, currency system, made to give the online users an ability of processing the transactions through digital unit of the exchange called as Bitcoins. In actual words, it’s the virtual currency. Bitcoin system was made in a year 2009 by the undisclosed programmers. From then, Bitcoin has actually garnered vast attention and controversy as the alternative to the US dollar, Euros or commodity currencies like silver and gold.


Increase in Popularity

Bitcoin has not attained a lot of attention in world of the business & finance before 2009. It actually rose to fame in 2011 to 2012 periods while it gained more than 300%. Bitcoin had 400% of growth in the value since August last year. Thus, the venture capital firms & investors across the world continue paying importance to this cryptocurrency.

In first half of the year 2014, the venture capital companies invested around $57 million in the Bitcoin at first quarter, which is followed by $73 million in second quarter that amounts to total of over $130 million that is 50% higher than the last year’s $88 million. It is the complete contrast to scenario of 2012 where Btc firms amassed meager amount of $2.2 million.

The statistics prove beyond any doubt that the Bitcoin is worth any investment that begs question, how one can buy & invest in Bitcoin? The least complicated and easiest way to invest in BTC is by buying Bitcoins.