Important Facts You Must Know About Zimmer Frames

Important Facts You Must Know About Zimmer Frames

Another name for zimmer frames is walking frames. They provide mobility or walking aids to elderly or disabled people that need support for maintaining their stability and balance when walking. They apply to both indoor and outdoor uses.

There are different types of walking frames, and some of them will be discussed in this write-up.  You will equally be enlightened about their suitability for your unique needs.

What does zimmer frames do?

 Some of the functions of zimmer frames will be highlighted below:

  • It ensures greater stability by providing a broader support base
  • It ensures balanced weight distribution and weight transfer from the legs for improved balancing. Consequently, the end user can be relieved from fatigue.
  • Furthermore, it can improve the walking ability of the end user by improving his or her confidence

Types of zimmer frames

The various types of walking frames available are highlighted below:

  • Standard zimmer frames: They come with four legs, but do not have wheels.  Consequently, the end user can lift them off the floor and also move them forward a step at a time.  This is, however, tiring and difficult for some end users.
  • Wheeled zimmer frames: This type is best for individuals that do not like the standard zimmer frame described above. It comes with wheels for easy movement indoor and outdoor.  It usually comes with four wheels, two at the front and two at the back.  Be that as it may, the front wheels do not swivel.  Consequently, the end user will still have to lift it around to change direction.
  • Folding zimmer frames: This type can be folded as its name implies. Consequently, it is very easy to store, unlike the two types mentioned above.

How to use zimmer frames safely

Zimmer frames can be used both indoors and outdoors. Tips on how to use it safely will be discussed below:

  • At home: Avoid using the zimmer frames in cluttered areas. Also, avoid using it on loose rugs, mats or carpets.
  • Wet ground: It is not safe to use it in a wet environment, either indoor or outdoor  to avoid a slip
  • The best type of footwear: When using the frames, you must use the appropriate footwear that must be supportive and functional.


The points mentioned above would have opened your eyes to some facts about the zimmer frames.  However, you may have to link up with a professional therapist for guidance and assistance when you want to buy the frames.