Importance of Weed In Your Life

Importance of Weed In Your Life

Anyone who ever had sex when high will tell you that the things feel better? Women particularly appear to reap all the benefits of stoned sack session. People report simple orgasms, lower inhibitions, and higher experience when you are having sex with a buzz. However, for some companies, goal is skipping the head high, and get straight to the money part. One thing for sure, and that is you may feel something. If you are thinking of giving it one try, then here are a few things that you need to know about weed lube.

Your parts won’t reek of pot

If you are thinking if your vagina will smell like a lit joint, answer is completely no. Weed lube hardly has any scent or taste. It may put off a bit herbal aroma and that’s all about it.

It is oil than lube

In many ways, weed “lube” is very different than the traditional lube. As it is the oil-based spray, and it will feel more light if you apply this than you slap on bunch of lubricants. The effects will take around 15min to one hour to start in, thus you cannot just spritz on and instantly get to the business.

Get super wet

Obviously, product alone will make your downstairs moist. However, according to some ladies who have checked out weed lube, say that it makes you wet than normal that is always the plus point!

Cannabis lube

Spraying weed on honey pot won’t get you very high

Perhaps the primary question that everybody has is in case they will get very high by using the cannabis lube. No. But, if you ever treat lube like edible, you may experience psychoactive effects.

Feel like vagina is out on a vacation

What does it feel to have the stoned vagina? To put in simple words, it feels like it if it was lying on the towel chilling on the beach. And everything down is tension-free and relaxed, making it simple to loosen up you sexually.

Improve your orgasms

So, can such stuff make you have orgasms? Yes, it definitely will. However, unfortunately, it will not get you off all alone. But, with right moves from the partner and help of this product combined, you will achieve amazing orgasms, and ones like you have never had it before.

Cannabis lube & latex don’t mix

Again, the cannabis lube comes oil-based that means if you ever use this with latex condom, it is likely to break. Well, you exactly know what may happen because of that.