Factors that determines the Chinese tutor rate Singapore

China is becoming the largest business hub in the world. That is why there is a growing relevance of countries teaching their people Chinese language in order to competitively create chances for business and job opportunities. In Singapore, Chinese language is becoming a second language and therefore, it is being taught in all levels of education.

  • Learning Chinese language requires a lot of effort, patience, practice and understanding. Learning centers in Singapore will have to look for experienced tutors with reasonable charge rates. Before, any learning center employ an expertise at a reasonable chinese tutor rate singapore, they must consider the following factors;
  • Qualifications-is an essential factor that is being looked at when hiring a tutor. The tutor must be trained in both Chinese and English languages. Usually MOE is being used as a reference to check whether the tutor has been well trained. Jocelyn and her team are fully qualified tutors, who have been trained by MOE to undertake Chinese languages in Singapore.
  • Experience is another factor that that learning centers checked when hiring the tutors. The tutor must be experience in the level that you want to hire with. Tutor charging rates also differ depending on the level of experience. A primary Chinese tutor cannot charge the same rate as the secondary Chinese tutor. Jocelyn and her team have proven years of experience in teaching Chinese language. They understands the complexity of the Chinese language and thus have developed approaches to help students grab the content.

Access to learning materials and resources, a tutor who is more exposed to so much learning material from different sources is more knowledgeable and thus can impact greater knowledge to students.

Therefore, chinese tutor rate singapore is dependent on the experience of the tutor and qualifications.