Thanking giving from the Party

The gesture or a gift offered in a party as gesture of the presence is called as party favor.The wedding favours singapore offer this kind of traditional gifts which can be offered by the end the party,wedding,functions like baby shower,birthdays.The weddingfavors are usually given in baby showers and weddings mostly they differ by price and the durability and budget of the host to give it.These favors have also spread to occasions like enjoymentparties,anniversaries, holiday gatherings, retirement functions

Different types of Favors:

  • In some birth day parties the guests may receive simple and low-cost favor such as small toy,stationaries.
  • In some cases, the guest might receive partybags giftbags with handful of toys, candies, pencils and stationaries and other small gifts.
  • Wedding favors are given to the guest in the gesture of the attendance from bride and groom for attending the wedding
  • This tradition of distribution of the favors are coming from age old tradition may be more than hundred years old
  • Now a days the gifts to guest have become common in all weddings and it is shared world wide
  • Wedding favors have become a part of the wedding reception now a days.
  • Wedding planners add this in the event of any weddings or receptions in the process of the business
  • Some give class favors like sugar candies, chocolates, candles,soaps,scented perfumes and many more the occasions
  • Modern tread is giving cd’s from the music of bride and groom, glasses filled with candy with names printed on them.

Summing up:

Favors are the gifts which are given to thank people for making the presence in the occasion and it may vary from person to person and budget spent on the   gifts and the gift may vary from small to a big depends on the occasion .