FPS Tracker Number One Stats Checker

FPS Tracker Number One Stats Checker

Stats and Leaderboards by FPS Tracker

Do you know any tracker that can give you accurate stats and leaderboard report? If not, then stay with us to uncover the secret behind of gaming enthusiasts! FPS Tracker is the most trusted and reliable website that has players from all around the world. This website has a total of 5 types of trackers which can offer you accurate stats and leaderboard for a variety of online games. They various trackers include Fortnite, Apex, OverWatch, B1F and CSGO. Be the next to become to leverage their wide range of tracker services to enhance your performance, have full control over your play and know your ranking at the global level. The first tracker is the most admired and favorable tracker of many gaming enthusiasts which allows them to enjoy playing their favourite game. The dedicated team of this type of tracker from fpstracker.com tells you how good you are playing your game when compared to others.

Key Highlights:fps tracker

  1. It is the most favorable type of tracker that keeps track of various stats. Playing video games from over a decade had become the favorite pastime of many players online. Thanks to technology and FPS Tracker website that offered this fantastic tool to help the players stay connected with other players worldwide.
  2. Apart from providing stats and leaderboard this tracker also offers its players manly information about the stats of the number of matches played, number of wins and number of kills/death. It thus welcomes the entire gaming enthusiast to board their platform once registered on their website to leverage their service for free!
  3. Know your global ranking to compete with fellow players and win the game with an accurate image of your performance and stack up with other players around the globe. Stay consistent to play your turn if you crave for higher ranking.
  4. The dedicated professionals of FPS Tracker keep you motivating with soothing music so that you can stick on your game for a long time than losing your temper to finish it off with lower ranking. Try hard to play your turn once you choose correct landing zone that is right for you which heads you towards your win and loss.
  5. Benefit this tracker to build your team and invite your friends from all across the globe. Erect from the tower if you happen to achieve ranking in top 10 so that you are on the safer side as you move on further in your gaming and not lead to death.


FPS Tracker is the leading online stats and leaderboard provider that is free to register to keep track of your winning matches, kills and ranking among the other players. FPS Tracker offers 5 different types of the tracker, so this website is worldwide famous for gaming enthusiasts to stay ahead of other players and beat the competition. This tracker is thus a first place to choose to have the clear track on various stats.

Tips For Night Photography Of The Starry Sky

Tips For Night Photography Of The Starry Sky

Taking a picture of a starry night may sound simple, but we may not get the perfect image. The darkness in the sky may not provide us with what we desire. There are many factors which determine in providing the image that we want. Right from your camera to the atmosphere, all play akey role in giving you the best shot. You should also use a feature-rich photo editor like Photolemur to enhance the detailing.  Here are some of the points in order to capture a starry sky.

adequate light for the image

  1. Location: The primary factor, which determines the outcome of the image, is the location. By selecting the perfect place which is free from pollution and a place from where the sky looks clear will enable to take the real shot of the night. You need to travel to find a place where the sky is visible at its best.
  2. Weather: The weather plays a crucial role in your image. You may not get the real shot in a blurry sky or when the moon is not visible. We have to remember that the illumination of the moon will help us in providing adequate light for the image.
  3. Light: During nighttime, the absence of lights, make it difficult to take the shot. You need to have an adequatelighting system to get the glimpse of the night sky. It will be even difficult to get the shot on a moonless night. For this, you can take LEDs or a headlamp.
  4. Setting the Shot: You can’t just randomly shot the images. You need to know the direction of the moon and be aware of which direction it is moving. For this, you can assistwith online programs like Darkskyfinder.org.
  5. Season: One of the factors that determine the outcome of your images is the season. During summers, the Milky Way rises over the horizon. However, in winters, most of it is not visible owing to light pollution. Also, you need to know the time of the month when the moon its best.
  6. Creating Trails: You need to have cameras with good performance. Take an exposure of 30 seconds and keep repeating it. By taking multiple shots, you will be able to grasp the idea from where you can get the best shot of the starry night. You can transfer the shots to Photolemur and enhance them to select the best one.
  7. Orientation and Post Photography: Most of the pictures of the night sky are best taken on a landscape. Once you click the pictures, you need to give ample time in editing it. One of the most crucial things is the post-processing task. Post work also helps you provide the best for your photography.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you take some of the exception starry sky photo at night like a pro.