Giving a loner is a kind of supreme act to testify to one’s love. The price and value of the ring is relative since the inestimable value is given by the meaning it represents for the person it is intended for, that is, that of an indissoluble union over time affordable diamond rings singapore.

The solitaire is often associated in the collective imagination with the marriage proposal , a magical moment that many women dream of for a long time: for this reason the choice must be made in the right way to make those moments unforgettable. The romanticity of the gesture is undoubtedly fundamental, however the solitaire also presents itself as a rather difficult object to choose considering that it should fully reflect the tastes and personality of the partner.

The solitaire is tradition

The tradition of the solitaire is practically timeless, especially in the context of Western life, challenging the passage of the various fashions as well as the more or less generalized moments of economic difficulty. Today, the majority of brides still crave this ring as the seal of a perfect love (and marriage proposal). The choice will have to combine the obvious availability with what are the tastes of the girlfriend. However, always keep in mind the symbolic value of the gesture : the diamond is a wonderful and indestructible stone, exactly as we would like our feeling to be.