The Best Way to Ship Your Vehicle to New Jersey

Are looking for an enclosed vehicle transport New Jersey? Worry no more because VMS Lux Transport is here to serve you.

We offer enclosed transport for high end dealerships, car shows, motor sport events, collectors and door to door service. We provide you with experienced drivers provide the best care for your car. Our cargo is fully insured and our equipment is brand new and always clean. We give white glove service for every car that enters our enclosed trailers. We have worked with the biggest car retailers and exclusive car brands from all over the world.

Get to Know a Little about Our Company

VMS is a family owned business. This serves as our guiding philosophy in treating the vehicle you have entrusted to us with utmost care. Every client is a member of our growing family. And we don’t want a family member feeling down.

VMS offers state-of- the-art enclosed transport to safely transfer luxury, exotic, or classic vehicles to their destinations to protect the vehicle from road debris and bad weather. We also offer open car carrier transport that can safely transport your vehicle from point A to point B.

Although enclosed vehicle transport would mean paying an extra worth, there’s nothing to regret. Giving you our services for enclosed vehicle transport offers the following advantages:

  1. Vehicle Safety

Vehicle safety is the main advantage of choosing enclosed vehicle transport, covered in special bubble wrap. In an enclosed vehicle transport, your car is transported in a trailer, which can that is boxed and closed.

  1. Vehicle Immobility

Enclosed vehicle carriers are smaller and can only hold one vehicle. Your car is clamped in place and is prevented from moving while the truck is in motion.

  1. Guaranteed Protection

The added protection means that it’s worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars for your vehicle’s transport, especially if your vehicle is a vintage, high – end, or cherished car.

  1. Ensured Convenience

As enclosed auto transport is not often chosen by customers, can be more flexible and can arrange pickups and drop offs at times that are convenient for you.

 VMS is revved up to assure you of the following services in shipping your vehicle to New Jersey:

  • Personalized quality vehicle shipment

Vehicle is shipped in a container and is secured to the floor by wooden blocks and strapped in to prevent any movement during the shipping process. The container has single vehicle in it for assured protection.

  • Smooth handling of paper works

A team of professionals will handle all of the necessary paperwork including dock receipts, bill of ladings, title and registration presentation, which makes the car relocation experience easy and smooth. You have nothing to worry.