Why hand pans are so expensive?

Why hand pans are so expensive?

A quality and perfect hand pan approximately ranges from $2000 and it varies based on the quality and perfection. You can find even higher budget hand pan if you are searching for the best. It will seem to be too expensive when compared with other musical instrument. Since it is uncommon and rare to find the manufacturing, it is valued high. As the demand for the instrument is high and so price is expensive. As we have a brief introduction, here we will understand the worth of high price hand pans and does the cheaper option worth the cost.

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Hand pan designing takes time

Hand pans are not manufactured by numerous amounts of companies or manufacturer. Overall you can find around 100 manufacturers throughout world. As per the study and research taken with the manufacturers, making a hand pan takes around 2 to 3 months in average. As manufacturing a hand pan includes many steps and completing all those needs perfect gap. Thus steps involved in hand pan making are

  • Shaping the shells
  • Sending it to the third party for nitride
  • Pressing notes
  • Rough tuning
  • Heat treatment
  • Gluing shells
  • Polishing
  • Fine tuning

All these steps are carried out perfect care to get the fine tuning at the end. If the Hang instrument does not give perfect tuning, then it is taken back for remaking until the device gives good tuning.

Demand for the instrument

As the low supply and high demand increases the price. Similarly, demand for hand pan is high that outweighs the supply. You may have the question why hand pans are high on demand and high on its price unlike other music instruments. If you can find the instrument everywhere in the market, you will get the instrument in the lowest price. But it is not possible to spot the instrument any local stores and the demand is on high.

Valid price

As hand pan is an art form, we can expect the irregular market price. If you want to obtain a quality pan then you should buy it on the quoted price.

Other costs with instrument value

As the instrument can be bought through online stores, it adds extra costs. The costs for shipping, tax and many more are added to the instrumental demand. Get ready to buy a hand pan and experience the music with a play.