Top Beauty Trends you have to try

Top Beauty Trends you have to try

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. And is that many of the beauty trends are born in international fashion shows, the famous Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris, Milan and others.Go to bro office for interesting articles.

However, with social networks, makeup trends are also dictated by celebrities who share every day the different styles or products they use that end up fascinating their huge list of followers.

Let’s see some of these beauty trends that have become stronger by 2019 and have more and more prominence in the world.

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 Monochromatic Makeup

Do not be fooled by the name, the purpose is to use similar tones (not the same) but in a different way. With this technique, eyes, cheeks and lips, which are usually the focal points of the face, it seems that they imitate each other even though each one has its style.

During the red carpet of the Oscars 2019, in addition to pink dresses there was pink monochromatic makeup however you can practice it with the color you like. The key is to choose familiar colors but in lighter and darker tones that although they are not the same; they create the appearance that you are in a single color.

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Resplendent skin

It is having a fresh and healthy appearance with natural shine. This is achieved by returning to the basics and essential, take care of the skin. Makeup professionals say you have to change the paradigm of thinking only about how to put on makeup but first how to care for the skin.

A well-groomed skin will always be more beautiful. Products that can help you achieve this result are the dynamic duo: Vitamin C (serum) and hyaluronic acid which is great for moisturizing the skin.

Cat eyes, creative outlines and 80’s look

The eyeliner takes center stage and in addition to highlighting the elongated outline that gives the appearance of cat eyes, there are eyeliners in neon and vivid colors, as well as templates with graphic shapes to do something creative and different around the eyes.

And if there is a part of the face where brightness is well positioned this season are the eyes. Also come back with the electrifying makeup of the 80’s with very pigmented eye shadows that completely cover your eyelids.