The No-frills Guide to Picking the Right Mattress

If you think that picking the right mattress is easy, you are mistaken. There are many options available not to mention there are many shops to visit. In the end, you should find the right mattress for a reasonable price.

To help you get started, here’s the no-frills guide to picking the right mattress:

Determine the type of mattress you need

There are many types of the mattress but you need to pick based on your preference. The types of mattress include the following:

  • Memory foam: from the name itself, this mattress only consists of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are best known for their pressure relief as well as body contouring.
  • Latex foam: as the name suggests, this foam is entirely built on latex. Latex mattresses are best known for their comfort and cooling properties.
  • Coils: this is the most popular type of mattress. Coil or innerspring mattresses have one or more layers of spring coils, which are generally steel. This provides adequate support and comfort.
  • Pillow-top: this mattress consists of a layer of soft material sewn or stuffed into the cover. It is best for sleepers that want more cushion comfort.
  • Adjustable: these mattresses allow changing the sleeping position of the mattress. This usually elevates the feet and inclines the back. Some adjustable beds are equipped with massage, heat or vibrate features.

sleeping position of the mattress

Define your budget

The good news is that there are many mattresses these days that are reasonably priced – especially online shops. If you visit shropshire furniture, you will get lucky because you can instantly find the best deals. When it comes to your budget, always remember to pay for quality.

Decide the firmness

Firmness refers to how soft or hard a mattress feels. Just like the type of mattress, the feel and the firmness will depend on your preference. This is subjective, which is why you need to take into consideration your body type, weight, and size.

Think about your sleeping position

Everyone sleeps differently. In most cases, people are not shopping based on how they sleep that is why many wake up in the morning unsatisfied or still restless. For instance, if you sleep on your side, you need a mattress that has a soft-medium level of firmness.

Final words

Do not lose more sleep because of the wrong mattress. Remember that the right mattress can mean the difference between waking up happy and on the wrong side of the bed.