Studio Monitors High-Quality For The Best Price

Studio Monitors High-Quality For The Best Price

Studio monitors are naturally expensive. If you are on a budget, you would want to know the best studio monitors that you can afford. These studio monitors are used by professionals. If you are new to this business, start with something that is just within your budget.

You can search the internet for your options, but the long list of results can be intimidating. So here is a list of the best studio monitors that is cost-efficient with world-class sound quality. These products are well researched and compiled on a list by TechCompact.

JBL Control 1

This one is the editor’s choice. We all know that JBL has been in this industry for a long time now. They have been providing us with the best products and this includes the JBL COntrol 1. With a power capacity of 150-watt, the frequency ranges are from 80Hz to 20KHz. It also comes with a magnetically shielded transducer where the speakers will not be damaged even in a magnetic field. This product also has a Sonic Guard HF Overload Protection which prevents it from overloading.

PreSonus Eris E4.5

Have you ever had a monitor speaker that has an amazing sound output with a sleek design? This product has it all. With its custom-woven Kevlar low-frequency driver, the sound it produces is crystal clear. It also comes with a silk dome tweeter with tuning controls. According to the feedback from readers, this is the best choice.

Yamaha HS5

This studio monitor is one of the best out of the options. It is by far the cheapest monitor speaker that was ever built by Yamaha HS Series. It comes with a 5-inch cone woofer with a 1-inch dome tweeter, responding to frequencies from 54Hz to 30KHz. This also comes with a Room Control and High Trim Response Control which is not usually found in other studio monitors.

Samson MediaOne BT5

This looks classy compared to the other products. The best feature of this studio monitor is its Bluetooth compatibility. Meaning, you can connect this to your laptop, smartphones or other devices through Bluetooth. Aside from that, it has a 5-inch copolymer woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

M-Audio AV42

This is an entry-level monitor speaker which can be used for your home theater or with the basic sound production or mixing. This something a beginner should check out. This monitor speaker is the cheapest among the options. It comes with a 4-inch woofer with an extended bass. If you are on a tight budget, this is the best choice for you.

This article shows it all. If you are looking for the best monitor speaker on the market today, trust the list above. No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a monitor speaker. Here, all of the monitor speakers are below $200 which is much cheaper compared to the other products online For more check out TechCompact.