Maintenance, Storage and Safety Tips for Your Crossbow

Operating a Crossbow is no child’s play; it needs to be dealt with care and serious attention needs to be paid to the minutest of details. Hunting, as a sport, is a very thought thru and patience oriented game. You cant expect results in minutes; sometime it takes hours before your target approaches for you to have a clear spot and shoot. And at that time, you wouldn’t want your weapons to ditch you and fall flat. That would be a catastrophic moment for a hunter; where he laid the plot, waited patiently and timelessly for his bait, just to realize that the archer’s weapon has cheated on him. Hence maintaining and keeping your crossbow safe is very critical and no compromises should be done here. Read the crossbow safety manual for further details.

Below mentioned are a few maintenance, storage and safety tips for your crossbow:

  • Make sure you always inspect Your Equipment before shooting. A regular practice of shooting is required with your crossbow as it tends to get hardened from within and the elasticity weakens. Whenever you are using your crossbow, whether you are actually going on a hunt or just practicing, ensure that you inspect your crossbow well before loading
  • Taking up a comfortable and perfect position is also imperative. If you have not adjusted yourself with the crossbow comfortably, you will exhaust yourself very fast and it may result in danger during the sport.
  • Cocking Your Crossbow: a proper methodology needs to be followed for cocking the crossbow depending upon the type of crossbow you are using. If you are using a rope cocking device, you should first make crossbow point safely at the ground, firmly place your foot in the stirrup and then shoot. You could also use a cranking aid for your crossbow, but that comes for an extra charge.
  • Once your crossbow is cocked, you are required to load its bolt. Make sure the crossbow is landed in a direction that is safe and the trigger is no way close to your finger.
  • Once you have done the cocking and the loading of the crossbow, the last step is to take the correct position from where you can fire.
  • Once you are all set to shoot, pull back the trigger with steady and firm pressure. Apply right amount of pressure at the trigger, do not jerk or snatch the trigger else it will shift you off target. Instead, pull the trigger smoothly but strongly to take your shot.

With the above safety techniques and the guidelines on crossbow safety, you will surely be able to take the best shot of your life.  Once you have mastered the art of archery, crossbow will no longer be a scary weapon for you.