Guide to Different Types of Roof Designs

Guide to Different Types of Roof Designs

Designing or developing roof of the house is the most challenging as well as crucial part. It requires to be completed with perfection. For roofing solution, a few things are there to be taken into consideration. The first and foremost thing is to choose the right developer or roofing contractor. You shall come across many professional and veteran Toronto roofers. More or less all of them are poised with good knowledge and expertise. In the following section, we shall find out different types of roofing. Knowing these types is absolutely important.

Gable Roof

This is a simple style of roofing. It basically looks like inverted upside down. In other words, if you flip the “V” by 180 degree, you shall get the roof structure. This type of roofing can usually be found at the areas where heavy wind flowing can be observed or experienced. Clearly, the roof design is ideal at the place where rainfall happens throughout the year. Due to such design, water clogging issue could be avoided.

Flat Roof

Flat roof is the most common type of roof design. This type of roof is simple and convenient. For developing flat roof, high expenses are not required. With minimal expenditure, it is possible to attain flat roofs. There are some drawbacks of flat roofs. Water clogging issue has been faced frequently. In the areas where snowfall happens every year in winter, this type of roofing is not suggested. Snow will be accumulated and eventually that would cause damages to the roof.

Hip Roof

This type of roof is considered as common residential type of roof. Typically, this type of roof design comes with four sloping sides. This type of roof can be both square and rectangular. Eventually, this kind of roofing is considered as quite seamless as well as contemporary.

Gambrel Roof

Many toronto roofers suggest people to opt for Gambrel Roof so that that can gain good amount of attic space. For residents, this kind of roofing can commonly be seen. Such roofing requires lesser maintenance and that is the biggest advantage.

Apart from these common roofing types, you could find different other roofing designs. Some of them are mansard roof, shed roof, etc.