Buy Happiness, Buy Lashes For Your Eyes.

Buy Happiness, Buy Lashes For Your Eyes.

Who doesn’t  love having curly, thick and long eyelashes? Till sometime before, mascara was the only option available to give it lush and dark look. But not anymore. Most of us are familiar with false lashes that can be removed after use. But with  the advent of permanent lash extensions, now you don’t have to bothered and the extensions get the job done. It is a must try if you want that charm in you and look really attractive.

Lash extensions are completely different from false lashes that have to b applied and removed after use by us. It is applied by a professional in your natural lashes which will stay for many weeks. This kind of fluttery lashes are a dream come true for many women who prefer natural looking fluffy lashes which can’t be found in false lashes. A licensed salon and a sufficient budget is all you want to get those lashes to look stunning on special occasions and your big days.

The process

  1. Using an eye makeup remover the entire area is washed, cleaned and dried.
  2. To protect the skin, two strips of eye pads are placed on the lower eyelid leaving lower lashes above it.
  3. Using a tweezer, eyelash extensions are dipped one by one in the adhesive and is applied on the natural eyelashes.
  4. Adding sealant is the final step to the lash extensions as a protection against damage.

Depending upon how much thick or long yo want, 40 to 80 lashes can be applied. It usually takes 48 hours for the adhesive to set completely and during that period of time, not even a drop of water should come in contact with it, not even teardrops. After it is dry you can do whatever you want just as you would do with your real lashes. Usually it lasts for four to six weeks and even more if it is well cared and maintained. It can be redone to keep it nice and flawless. The procedure would take around two hours maximum and the result lasts for weeks.

Variety of choices are available like lashes made of silk, synthetic fibre, mink, plus in different sizes from 6mm to 17 mm. Even shades in black and brown are available. Expenses are purely based on the count of lashes from $100 to $800 for dense look. Weekly or twice a week salon touch ups are recommended for proper caring but they definitely worth the cost.